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Dear Semi-Finalists, This is the Info page for all Top Model Europe 2018 semi-finalists. The contest as you know will take place from January 2017. You will find on this page the agenda and all the news and infos about the contest. Every time this page is updated, you will be notified by email and via the Facebook of Priss Debo. Sponsor Information : As you know, the semi-finalists must be sponsored by 2 sponsors of 125£ for the semi-final. Sponsors can be merchants, business or private. The same sponsor can sponsor several times. Sponsors are mandatory On the days of the first Top Model Europe meeting (training or official photo), the semi-finalists are required to give at least 1 sponsor ( form correctly completed + amount of sponsorship or proof of payment on Internet). The days of the 2nd Top Model Europe meeting (training or official photo), the semi- finalists are required to hand over their 2nd sponsor. The semi-finalists who have already handed out 2 sponsors during the 1st meeting don't have to bring anything more. Business sponsors: Are shops or companies (any shops, hairdressers, clothing store, restaurants, etc.) that sponsor you during your Top Model Europe adventure. They can sponsor you for an amount of minimum 125 £ and maximum 250 £. In return of their support, they will receive advertising: their name and / or logo will be broadcasted on Top Model Europe's website, videos etc. An invoice to deduct sposoring from their professional expenses is also sent to them, so it costs them almost nothing to support you! A big sponsor of 250 £ counts for 2 sponsors basic sponsors. Private sponsors privés (friends, family, etc.) Can also sponsor you during your Top Model Europe adventure for 40/45£. Small private sponsors can replace a commercial sponsor. They are accepted only when the total is equal to 125£, the same amount as a commercial sponsor. 3 small private sponsors (40/45 £) = 1 basic Sponsor of 125 £ "Easy Sponsor" - Get 1 "Easy Sponsor" Just by introducing friends to the next Top Model Europe Casting in London, you can get 1 easy sponsor of 125 £. More Info on "Easy Sponsor" : Download the file : HERE
All semi-finalists must have found their sponsor for: : JUNE 10 The sponsors are to be submitted in London on the 10th of June. All the information about the sponsors can be found on the SPONSOR FILE that must fill out by your sponsors. By reading this one , you will understand in detail what the sponsors are used for and how it works. The files are downloadable here below: Download - SPONSOR's FILE "BUSINESS" Download - SPONSOR's FILE "PRIVATE"
AGENDA : MANDATORY EVENTS: Training for Models (Part 1 & 2) - Official Semi-Finalists Photo - General Rehearsal for the Semi-Final Any unjustified absence may result in immediate disqualification. CLOTHING LIST Click HERE for the list of clothes to bring to the training sessions TRAINING FOR MODELS (Part 2)& OFFICIAL PHOTO JUNE 10 - 2017 - LONDON Info and address will be sent by text message and mail on june 6th to the models who have confirmed their participation. The meeting will start @ 10am until 5.30pm LAST TRAINING FOR MODELS SUNDAY JULY 9 - 2017 - LONDON SEMI-FINAL TOP MODEL EUROPE 7 OCTOBER 2017 (All info will be online end of july)
Contact mail for the semi-finalists : management@topmodeleurope.co.uk Facebook of the secretary : Priss Debo Instagram : TopModelEuropeOfficial Twitter : TopModelEurope
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